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The Fact of Fingerprints

Is this a Paul Simon song, or is it a Los Lobos song? Who can say? Of all the symptoms I’ve experienced over the past six years, fingerprint destruction has to be the weirdest. I first heard it mentioned as … Continue reading

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Fever! (Ba-da-bump)

If you’ve never seen Rita Moreno and Animal’s version of “Fever” before, enjoy. I’ve had a fever for five days now. It’s nothing major thus far – 99.0 is as high as it’s gotten – but I usually run around 97.5. … Continue reading

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The CFIDS Association of America’s Foot-in-Mouth Disease

The CFIDS Association of America should be having a banner week. Last Friday, the scandalous PACE trial, promoting cognitive behavioral therapy and graded exercise therapy for ME/CFS, came out in The Lancet, which was an opportunity to come out swinging if ever … Continue reading

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Fighting the PACE

Katie Couric is supposed to be doing a report on ME/CFS tonight on the CBS Evening News. The community is worried b/c the scandalous PACE trial of CBT and graded exercise, run by UK psychiatrist Simon Wessely, who has been … Continue reading

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Nest Feathers

We spend a lot of time in the house. Me, because I have to; Chimp, because he’s taking care of me, and because he likes to be around me. So we have been working on making it a pleasant place … Continue reading

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Laura Hillenbrand: Unbroken & “A Sudden Illness”

Edit: Laura Hillenbrand tells me via Facebook that she’s never stopped speaking out about the illness. I have clearly missed those interviews, so I’ve corrected this entry. Laura Hillenbrand – author of Seabiscuit and, most recently, Unbroken – is interviewed in … Continue reading

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Well, I suppose that’s the right way to start off an ME/CFS blog, isn’t it, with a big flaming crash? This crash has the same cause as every one I’ve had since the end of 2007: Not sleeping. After the … Continue reading

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