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My Weapons-Grade Insomnia, Part II

So…where were we? Ah, yes. Before the editorial expression of concern and the Chase debacle, we were talking about sleep. For years and years now, I’ve been progressively increasing the number and amount of drugs I take for sleep. Frankly, … Continue reading

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I’m Concerned About the Editorial Expression of Concern

A serious hat tip here to Danny Ze-Dog, whose scientific savvy was enormously helpful in putting this entry together. So since the triumph that was the October 2009 announcement of Lombardi, et al., which found XMRV in people with ME/CFS, … Continue reading

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Cheating in Chase Community Giving: The End?

This is part of a series on compensation for votes in Chase Community Giving. Here are Part I, Part II, Part III, and Part IV. I know I’m like a dog worrying a bone with this thing. Knowing when to stop has never been … Continue reading

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