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Roller Coaster (of Health)

At the moment, I’m doing the best that I have since 2008. I went into the pit again before getting here, though, from an unexpected cause – intestinal parasites. Two of them. 2017 and most of 2018 were good. For … Continue reading

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On the Opportunity of a Pandemic

I know what we’re all going through is hard, and that there are financial limitations, family obligations, and other reasons that make it harder for some than others. I’ve posted several opinion pieces on this topic to my friends on … Continue reading

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Oops! I Forgot I Had a Blog.

That is my favorite fake excuse for abandoning you that I’ve been able to come up with since I last posted here two years ago. The truth, of course, is that much more prosaic and usual reason why you stop … Continue reading

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My Gallery of Dead Possessions

Inspired by Patrick’s post about items he can no longer use because of ME/CFS, for our awareness day, I thought I’d share my own little list. Chimp helped me out enormously by taking most of the photos you’ll see here. … Continue reading

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Prandial Problems

I hated my mother’s bunny jello mold. She bought it before my brother or I were born, thinking that when she had kids, it would be fun to make them bunny-shaped jello. And it probably would have been, for most … Continue reading

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Welcome to No Poster Girl, KDKA radio listeners! If you’re new to the blog, here are some of my favorite posts you might want to check out: The beginning: What is ME/CFS? How My Illness Began From my better half, … Continue reading

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New Bottle Paranoia Syndrome

One of the things that consistently makes life more exciting around here is my case of New Bottle Paranoia Syndrome. My present state of NBPS has reached its current form because of a long series of unhelpful surprises my body has … Continue reading

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Voting in Vivint Gives Back: Daily Vote Totals Graph

Just a real quick one here. A poster on Phoenix Rising has been keeping a tally of votes by day. So I asked her if she’d mind throwing together a graph comparing the pattern of daily votes for the charity … Continue reading

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None Detected

Just heard Chimp gasp in the other room while opening the mail. My XMRV results are back. I came back “none detected” for culture and for serum antibodies. I’m pretty disappointed, although I know, of course, that this doesn’t mean … Continue reading

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The Mystery, Solved

I really apologize for not writing. I’ve been dealing with some major muscle weakness that’s made it enormously challenging to type at all. Many days lately, I haven’t even been able to manage short comments to introduce links on facebook. … Continue reading

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