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I’m Concerned About the Editorial Expression of Concern

A serious hat tip here to Danny Ze-Dog, whose scientific savvy was enormously helpful in putting this entry together. So since the triumph that was the October 2009 announcement of Lombardi, et al., which found XMRV in people with ME/CFS, … Continue reading

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The Post-Appointment Post

The information contained in this post is my interpretation of Dr. Cheney’s recommendations for me. This is not medical advice. Please don’t change your treatment plan based on anything in this post. The previous two times we’ve done the drive … Continue reading

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None Detected

Just heard Chimp gasp in the other room while opening the mail. My XMRV results are back. I came back “none detected” for culture and for serum antibodies. I’m pretty disappointed, although I know, of course, that this doesn’t mean … Continue reading

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