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A Problem I Didn’t Want Back

CW: Diet culture BS, weight loss/gain, dieting talk.  A few weeks ago, a new doctor asked, “So has your weight always been pretty stable?” I stammered something out, but when Chimp and I were back at home, I said, “That … Continue reading

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Vax Attack

Last summer, we learned from Chimp’s institution that he was going to be expected to teach in person during the fall semester, possibly-immunologically-vulnerable-spouse be damned. The good things about it, at least, were these: He’s on the fourth floor of … Continue reading

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That Silver-Haired Daddy of Mine

My dad died suddenly last summer, five days before my birthday.  I received a lot of kind expressions of sympathy, and to some people who remarked on the suddenness of his death, I said, “It’s okay; I’ve really been getting … Continue reading

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Cruel (Cruel) Summer

I’m usually on edge Memorial Day weekend. That’s when I fell ill in 2004; ever since it has felt snakebit. Most years that’s just my anxiety. In 2021, the last moment that everything was relatively normal was the evening of … Continue reading

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