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Evaluating Carbon Dioxide at Home with an Aranet4 in Myalgic Encephalomyelitis

This fall, I acquired an Aranet4 CO2 monitor. It’s been illuminating to use and has helped me improve a little. Continue reading

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Pyridostigmine, Part Two

Six months in, I thought I’d give an update on how the pyridostigmine is going. Taking an Increase Hoping pyridostigmine would help me be out of bed more, Dr. Levine asked me to start it at 30 mg in the … Continue reading

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Age of MEjority

“If I could leave the kingdom of the sick, I would never be able to forget what it was to be a subject, would always be conscious of, seeing for, those still there.” Continue reading

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Homemade Sublingual Magnesium Spray and Topical Magnesium Oil

My sleep regimen includes some unusual homemade magnesium preparations, and I thought other people with myalgic encephalomyelitis might like to know how to make them. Dr. Cheney was a big believer in magnesium – for energy production, for brain function, … Continue reading

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Dr. Cheney’s Change of Heart: Low-Dose Nocturnal Oxygen in Myalgic Encephalomyelitis

This post is based on years of recordings/notes from my visits with Dr. Cheney and his public talks. I’ve done the best I can to present this clearly and simply, but as he’s no longer here for me to run … Continue reading

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The Power of Pyridostigmine

There’s good news herein about a new med, but I’m going to do a little rationalizing first of why I’d never tried it. People with ME will understand why I didn’t try to switch practitioners while Dr. Cheney was alive. … Continue reading

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A Problem I Didn’t Want Back

CW: Diet culture BS, weight loss/gain, dieting talk.  A few weeks ago, a new doctor asked, “So has your weight always been pretty stable?” I stammered something out, but when Chimp and I were back at home, I said, “That … Continue reading

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Vax Attack

Last summer, we learned from Chimp’s institution that he was going to be expected to teach in person during the fall semester, possibly-immunologically-vulnerable-spouse be damned. The good things about it, at least, were these: He’s on the fourth floor of … Continue reading

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Cruel (Cruel) Summer

I’m usually on edge Memorial Day weekend. That’s when I fell ill in 2004; ever since it has felt snakebit. Most years that’s just my anxiety. In 2021, the last moment that everything was relatively normal was the evening of … Continue reading

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Black Dress Day 2014

How to accomplish a Black Dress* Day photo for severe ME if you have severe ME yourself and are 98% bedridden (may not be possible for all such folks): Use a morning’s energy to try on three dresses. Pick one … Continue reading

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