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Age of MEjority

“If I could leave the kingdom of the sick, I would never be able to forget what it was to be a subject, would always be conscious of, seeing for, those still there.” Continue reading

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Homemade Sublingual Magnesium Spray and Topical Magnesium Oil

My sleep regimen includes some unusual homemade magnesium preparations, and I thought other people with myalgic encephalomyelitis might like to know how to make them. Dr. Cheney was a big believer in magnesium – for energy production, for brain function, … Continue reading

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Dr. Cheney’s Change of Heart: Low-Dose Nocturnal Oxygen in Myalgic Encephalomyelitis

This post is based on years of recordings/notes from my visits with Dr. Cheney and his public talks. I’ve done the best I can to present this clearly and simply, but as he’s no longer here for me to run … Continue reading

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The Power of Pyridostigmine

There’s good news herein about a new med, but I’m going to do a little rationalizing first of why I’d never tried it. People with ME will understand why I didn’t try to switch practitioners while Dr. Cheney was alive. … Continue reading

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A Problem I Didn’t Want Back

CW: Diet culture BS, weight loss/gain, dieting talk.  A few weeks ago, a new doctor asked, “So has your weight always been pretty stable?” I stammered something out, but when Chimp and I were back at home, I said, “That … Continue reading

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Vax Attack

Last summer, we learned from Chimp’s institution that he was going to be expected to teach in person during the fall semester, possibly-immunologically-vulnerable-spouse be damned. The good things about it, at least, were these: He’s on the fourth floor of … Continue reading

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Cruel (Cruel) Summer

I’m usually on edge Memorial Day weekend. That’s when I fell ill in 2004; ever since it has felt snakebit. Most years that’s just my anxiety. In 2021, the last moment that everything was relatively normal was the evening of … Continue reading

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Black Dress Day 2014

How to accomplish a Black Dress* Day photo for severe ME if you have severe ME yourself and are 98% bedridden (may not be possible for all such folks): Use a morning’s energy to try on three dresses. Pick one … Continue reading

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The Body and My Body

If asked to guess what holiday is hardest for me, I don’t think Independence Day would top most people’s lists – but it is. Maybe when I say that, though, it comes into focus – really, you couldn’t design a … Continue reading

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On One Decade In

Note: This entry is pretty much one big whine. When you’ve been sick for ten years, you get a coupon in the mail that entitles you to one 1800-word whine. I usually try to be at least somewhat upbeat and hopeful on … Continue reading

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