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Therapy, Redux

A year ago today, I went back to therapy; the last time I’d been in therapy in a sustained way was 1996 to 1998. Early in 2020, I heard about the upcoming publication of a book I thought might be … Continue reading

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Myalgic Encephalomyelitis and COVID-19: Can I Be Vaccinated?

Content warning: TMI, mental health. Several friends have asked me whether I can be vaccinated and I’ve answered them individually. I’ve even written about it a couple times and stopped short of hitting the post button because the potential for … Continue reading

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Rattle & …umm

That awful moment where you lift the new bottle, and the sound of the tablets shifting says “this is the wrong brand.” The manufacturer discontinued the formulation of metoprolol ER I’ve taken for years, and I found that the first … Continue reading

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Roller Coaster (of Health)

At the moment, I’m doing the best that I have since 2008. I went into the pit again before getting here, though, from an unexpected cause – intestinal parasites. Two of them. 2017 and most of 2018 were good. For … Continue reading

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On the Opportunity of a Pandemic

I know what we’re all going through is hard, and that there are financial limitations, family obligations, and other reasons that make it harder for some than others. I’ve posted several opinion pieces on this topic to my friends on … Continue reading

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Oops! I Forgot I Had a Blog.

That is my favorite fake excuse for abandoning you that I’ve been able to come up with since I last posted here two years ago. The truth, of course, is that much more prosaic and usual reason why you stop … Continue reading

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Black Dress Day 2014

How to accomplish a Black Dress* Day photo for severe ME if you have severe ME yourself and are 98% bedridden (may not be possible for all such folks): Use a morning’s energy to try on three dresses. Pick one … Continue reading

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The Body and My Body

If asked to guess what holiday is hardest for me, I don’t think Independence Day would top most people’s lists – but it is. Maybe when I say that, though, it comes into focus – really, you couldn’t design a … Continue reading

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On One Decade In

Note: This entry is pretty much one big whine. When you’ve been sick for ten years, you get a coupon in the mail that entitles you to one 1800-word whine. I usually try to be at least somewhat upbeat and hopeful on … Continue reading

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My Gallery of Dead Possessions

Inspired by Patrick’s post about items he can no longer use because of ME/CFS, for our awareness day, I thought I’d share my own little list. Chimp helped me out enormously by taking most of the photos you’ll see here. … Continue reading

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