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Losing My Edge

(Lyrics here.) One day about three years into my illness, when I was still well enough to be working but sick enough to be doing so from home, I met my departing boss – let’s call him Brad – for … Continue reading

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A Crash Course in Healthcare

I’ve written before about the series of events that ended in me falling ill, but one thing I haven’t told you about is the transition after that – the transition from being a healthy person to being a chronicially ill … Continue reading

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Fear Itself

I have two major phobias that I’ve had as long as I can remember: A rational one (as phobias go, at least) and an irrational one. I have a fair number of minor ones, too, but I’m going to keep … Continue reading

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Nulliparous: of, relating to, or being a female that has not borne offspring. New Latin nullipara, one who has never borne an offspring, from Latin nullus not any + -para -Latin, from parere to give birth to. One night in April 2001, at the age of 25, I went to … Continue reading

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