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Voting in Vivint Gives Back: Daily Vote Totals Graph

Just a real quick one here. A poster on Phoenix Rising has been keeping a tally of votes by day. So I asked her if she’d mind throwing together a graph comparing the pattern of daily votes for the charity … Continue reading

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None Detected

Just heard Chimp gasp in the other room while opening the mail. My XMRV results are back. I came back “none detected” for culture and for serum antibodies. I’m pretty disappointed, although I know, of course, that this doesn’t mean … Continue reading

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The Mystery, Solved

I really apologize for not writing. I’ve been dealing with some major muscle weakness that’s made it enormously challenging to type at all. Many days lately, I haven’t even been able to manage short comments to introduce links on facebook. … Continue reading

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The Pills Not Taken

If you’re not familiar with the Robert Frost poem, here you go. One of the things that keeps me up at night (who am I kidding; everything keeps me up at night, from sugar to licorice to antifungal cream) is … Continue reading

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Fighting the PACE

Katie Couric is supposed to be doing a report on ME/CFS tonight on the CBS Evening News. The community is worried b/c the scandalous PACE trial of CBT and graded exercise, run by UK psychiatrist Simon Wessely, who has been … Continue reading

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Why No Poster Girl?

I am No Poster Girl in that: I didn’t ask to have this illness, and I truly don’t want to be its poster girl. Who wants to be terribly sick and have their most notable characteristic be that they’re the … Continue reading

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