Questions & Answers: ME/CFS vs. Fibromyalgia

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What are the differences between CFS (or GRV?) and fibromyalgia?

I’m not an expert on this; I have ME/CFS, but not fibro, so I’ve read far less about the latter.

In practice, it seems like if you have mostly pain, it’s fibro, if you have mostly exhaustion, it’s CFS. But now that we potentially have a pathogen identified, I’ll be very interested to see what is discovered about the prevalence of retroviruses in fibro patients. Maybe they’re two separate things; maybe they’re just different presentations.

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3 Responses to Questions & Answers: ME/CFS vs. Fibromyalgia

  1. Margaret Tank says:

    There’s a clinic here in KC, which might be more accurately called a spa, which claims that both CFS and fibro are caused by lactic acid buildup in the muscles, so they treat it with oxygen therapy. Now, this sounds somewhat plausible as a symptom and would legitimately cause pain, but I don’t think it’s the root of the conditions. 🙂

    • Jocelyn says:

      That’s actually a shockingly bad idea, if Dr. Cheney’s theories are correct. He has found that mask oxygen results in increased diastolic dysfunction measurable by echocardiogram in ME/CFS.

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