Paying for Votes in Vivint Gives Back: Emptying Out gWallet

This is my third entry about vote compensation in Vivint Gives Back. Here’s the first entry and here’s the second (which is just a graph). Vivint has all of this information in hand.

I thought I’d do an exhaustive search of gWallet before going further afield. Easy stuff first. And from that, I’ve discovered several interesting things.

First, I discovered that in addition to those offers I’d published previously, there were many more on I found these by searching that domain for the words “vote” and “conejo.” You can perform that search yourself by clicking here.

There are 90 results in that search, 25+ unique offers, and 18 currencies offered – both game currencies and actual cash. Some of the offers appear multiple times in the results. However, I did find some new offers on each page all the way through page nine. Some of the doubling seems to be because the offers are present in more than one language. Starting on page six, many of the offers have Chinese subtitles – it seems whoever placed these was trying for worldwide reach.

One thing that I discovered when going through the results one by one is that several of the pages on which the Conejo offers appear also include offers that reference Father’s Day. Here’s one example. Remember the graph that showed two spikes in Conejo’s votes around June 17th and July 12th? Well, Father’s Day was June 19th this year, so offers referencing it would have been present in the days before that, which fits the first spike perfectly.

Then there’s this SmallWorlds forum post titled “Easy Offer List,” which mentions voting for Conejo Valley Friendship Circle to get SmallWorlds gold. It was posted four weeks ago – so about the same time.

Further evidence that there were earlier offers is provided by gWallet’s Offers Status pages. These pages show the status of offers that a particular user has viewed or performed.  Here’s one from June 16th (fitting the first spike) and one from July 13th (fitting the second).

Of these offers, the most interesting ones are the ones in actual currency. I found two. The first one of these I found was in Indian rupees. Remember those posts from the subcontinent on the Vivint page? Here’s the most obvious one of them, from our engineer friend Konduparti.

So I was wrong about what he was being paid in, but right that he was being paid. Here’s the rupee offer I found. You get fifteen rupees for voting for Conejo. (In the Google cache, sometimes the amount on offer for your vote is above the headline, and sometimes below. It’s confusing.) Fifteen rupees is $0.34 today. Interestingly, as you can see I’ve said above, Konduparti is a fan of the facebook app EasyCash!, which is one of the places we found payments for votes during Chase Community Giving.

However, if you’re in the good old U.S. of A., you get a whole dollar for voting for Conejo. It’s always cheaper to go offshore, I suppose.

Besides actual money, there are a vast number of game currencies on offer for your vote. Among the results, I found offers for bX, Cash, Coins, FooDollars, Gems, Gilded Coins, Gold Ducats, Golden Bananas, Informed Points, People Dollars, Points, Poker Points, TickBucks, Uridium, WeeWorld Gold Points, and zBucks.

And here they all are:

3 bX | 7 bX | 28 Cash2 Coins | 4 Coins | 14 Coins19 Coins | 30 Coins | 320 Coins | 2 FooDollars4 FooDollars16 Gems7 Gilded Coins | 1 Gold Ducats | 2 Gold Ducats | 53 Golden Bananas15 Indian Rupees | 1 Informed Points | 3 Informed Points | 7 People Dollars | 15 People Dollars | 12 Points1080 Poker Points | 128 TickBucks | 1 USD 800 Uridium126 WeeWorld Gold Points7 zBucks

This is no slapdash effort. Somebody is paying for this – or somebody professional is donating his/her time.

Now, I only seem to be able to get to the cached versions of the offers, and when I click through, it tells me the offer is temporarily unavailable. Helen, who found the first offer originally, has continued to be able to get them to connect to When I sent her this list of offers last night, they worked for her. We’re not sure why – perhaps it’s a caching issue.

But wait, there’s more.

Remember those Offers Status pages above? I went looking for more of those, and struck gold again. Here we see one with views of the offer “Please vote for a good cause,” (you’ll remember from my first entry about this that Helen took a screenshot of this offer) and it includes dates up to yesterday, July 16, 2011. This would seem to indicate that the offers are still visible to some people. I wonder if the repeated views mean this person keeps trying to complete this offer and isn’t getting paid? (Click to enlarge.)

At this point, I think I’ve pretty well exhausted gWallet. Now off to see if I can find anything else. If anyone out there is a deal site fan, or is someone who plays games and uses methods outside the game to accumulate currency, I’d appreciate your tips. This is not an area I know much about.

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8 Responses to Paying for Votes in Vivint Gives Back: Emptying Out gWallet

  1. Nina says:

    Surely that has to be enough for a charity to get disqualified? It seems a bit far-fetched to assume that the charity in question doesn’t know about or endorse this.

    I hope Vivint will take action asap!

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  4. Anon says:

    Is it odd to you that Foundation for Angelman Syndrome Therapeutics and Team Sanfilippo Foundation fluctuate in votes almost exactly alike each day? They are both so far ahead of everyone else that it’s mind boggling. Both just won a lot of money in other contests so they have voters but neither are posting as much as many other charities. Their causes are so rare compare to some of the others. Maybe their votes are legit but it’s enough to make me say “hmmmmm”?

    • Chaya says:

      I know my comment is 4 years too late but I’m only just reading this blog now. (Amazingly written by the way). It looks quite clear that major scamming is going on, however, with the angelman syndrome foundation I have to say this isn’t the case. I myself have been asked to vote daily for this charity for no monetary reward, or any reward actually. The reason I did vote was because I saw the post of one family hoping for a cure for their adorable child. It went viral over Facebook. I was seeing the please vote sign every single day for weeks on end posted by about 75 different people of my Facebook friends. I not only voted but shared this post daily too. If I personally saw so many people sharing it, and all of their friends were doing the same on a daily basis, well, you do the math. So I can see why they have accumulated so many votes.

  5. Jocelyn says:

    If they’re going up and down a similar amount, that actually makes me less suspicious – what would make me suspicious would be erratic patterns compared to the rest of the competitors. I’ll look around, but it does take a bit of luck to find things when there is cheating going on.

    • Pat says:

      We appreciate the looking… as it seems no matter what first place team can always srint to the top in a matter of 30 minutes of anyone elses spikes. Kind of odd I though.

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