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The Post-Appointment Post

The information contained in this post is my interpretation of Dr. Cheney’s recommendations for me. This is not medical advice. Please don’t change your treatment plan based on anything in this post. The previous two times we’ve done the drive … Continue reading

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The Fact of Fingerprints

Is this a Paul Simon song, or is it a Los Lobos song? Who can say? Of all the symptoms I’ve experienced over the past six years, fingerprint destruction has to be the weirdest. I first heard it mentioned as … Continue reading

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One Pill Makes You Larger; 56 Make You a Freak

Before I got sick (I have a feeling I might start a lot of posts this way), I never took cold medicine, and hardly ever took an ibuprofen. Above is my daily diet of tablets, capsules, elixirs, gels, and sprays … Continue reading

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