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None Detected

Just heard Chimp gasp in the other room while opening the mail. My XMRV results are back. I came back “none detected” for culture and for serum antibodies. I’m pretty disappointed, although I know, of course, that this doesn’t mean … Continue reading

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How It Began – Part II: Chicago

This is the second entry in my ME/CFS “origin story.” Here are Part I, Part III, and Part IV. The rest of the winter of 2003-4 passed uneventfully. Come spring, I was in Chicago for the Food Marketing Institute trade show for work … Continue reading

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One Pill Makes You Larger; 56 Make You a Freak

Before I got sick (I have a feeling I might start a lot of posts this way), I never took cold medicine, and hardly ever took an ibuprofen. Above is my daily diet of tablets, capsules, elixirs, gels, and sprays … Continue reading

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Zeo One; Jocelyn Zero

Last night I tried out my gift of the Zeo Sleep Coach for the first time. It didn’t go so well. This thing tracks your brainwaves over the course of the night to show you what’s going on with your sleep. … Continue reading

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