Chase Cheating Part II: Vote for Schools and promote anti-bullying

Here are Part I , Part III and Part IV of this. There’s a The End? post too.

Jean Maskuli worked some serious internet magic and found this for us.

You can go to the EasyCash! app on facebook – the address is At that location, you will see the below, which I’ve screencapped in case it disappears. You are offered money to “Vote for Schools and promote anti-bullying.”

When you click on that offer that says “Vote for schools and Promote anti-bullying,” you will be taken to this page: which looks like this (look familiar? Yes, it’s the same color scheme as

 When you click on the “VOTE NOW” link, you are taken to the SHA Chase Community Giving page, like so:

And I assume that the back end then knows that you’ve voted and gives you your credits. I found this page where people said they’d completed the offer and it was credited.

So there you have it. There are undoubtedly other offers across the web that come to the back end. That’s how they’re offering SwagBucks, WeeMee gold points, facebook credits, etc.

I’m sending this to Chase right now. And it means I was right about the back end:

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18 Responses to Chase Cheating Part II: Vote for Schools and promote anti-bullying

  1. Jenime says:

    I just tested it and got some screenshots too. Same thing, I was absolutely able to duplicate the scheme. Sent another message to chase asking where they want the screenshots sent if they need more proof. We should let the other charities know about this, they’ll be up in arms too! Imagine the drum corps! *deafening rage*

  2. Jenime says:

    Its not just the invisionCA colors, their logo is at the bottom: Make sure you screencap each diff. charity involved. Its def. InvisionCA’s work. Even if they claim they’re “donating” their services, it’s against the rules.

    • Jocelyn says:

      I was only able to get the one screenshot of the SHA offer. I was just too exhausted last night, and didn’t look any further than the first offer.

      And now that offer link no longer exists, as of 9:25 EDT this morning.

  3. Justin Reilly says:

    Thank you for your detective work! Great posts!

    Here is the email I sent Chase in case anyone want to use it as a kind of template:

    “Please forward this to Chase Community Giving on Facebook. Thank you.

    Dear Chase Community Giving,

    I am a Chase customer. I support Whittemore Peterson Institute in the CCG contest. I am writing you for two reasons. First, to let you know how great WPI is and urge you to award them some of the discretionary contest funds.

    I have had ME/CFIDS for 8 years. It is a devastating neuro-immune disease.

    17 million people worldwide have ME, with virtually no viable treatment options and little bona fide research.

    That is, until the Whittemore Peterson Institute recently came along. One family, fighting for their daughter’s life, footed the bill and opened a state of the art institute to research Neuroimmune disease. But, this single family can no longer cover all of these costs alone. WPI needs help raising money to perform the necessary research for a cure.

    That’s where you can help! All funds will go to desperately needed research. Please award some discretionary funding to WPI! Thank you.

    The second reason I am writing to you is that it seems quite clear that some of the leaders in the contest both have gotten many votes in an unsportsmanlike manner and are also ineligible for the contest because they are religious organizations.

    Please see this excellent blogpost by Jocelyn, a pwME who offers proof of the unsportsmanlike conduct:

    Please also note that two of the Jewish charities are running a sweepstakes awarding mini-camcorders, if people vote in the contest :

    Also, per your rules, religious orgs are not eligible. The various (orthodox) Jewish (Chabad) organizations are obviously religious organizations::

    A non-profit:
    “whose primary purpose is to advance a religious denomination, expand membership or encourage conversion, or whose programs and services are limited (in an exclusionary way) to serving those of a specific religious denomination or faith while excluding others solely because of their religious beliefs;”
    who “participates in the Program, or otherwise conducts itself, in an unsportsmanlike or inappropriate manner;”
    is ineligible

    Additionally, it looks, from this post on a patient forum like the American India Foundation has gotten many ‘fake’ votes:
    “there are a number of false profiles voting for this entry. Of the 29 people who commented today between 0932 and 0956, only one appears to be real. The remainder have no friends, no email addresses, the 6 that have interests other than Chase just created those interests today, and none have a human profile picture. There are hundreds and hundreds more that I didn’t look at, I only looked at one snippet of time. I do have a spreadsheet of their names if that would be helpful to you.”

    Thank you for your consideration!

    Justin Reilly, esq. “

  4. Nina says:

    Chase just announced the official results. WPI remains in 12th place, so I guess they didn’t care.

    Might be of interest to those who compete next year that Chase encourages cheating and bribing…

    • Jocelyn says:

      I know it’s influenced my willingness to undertake this again. Why bother if it turns out it was all a charade of money available for purchase? (And if that turns out to be the case, why should we be surprised when it’s sponsored by an enormous financial company?)

  5. sam says:

    Your title is wrong and misleading.

    Where in the official rules does it say, one is not allowed to offer incentives ??!?!!?

    I would chnge the heading of this article to – POOR LOOSERS CANT HANDLE LOOSING

    move on folks, move on…

    • Jenime says:

      *sigh* Its “LOSING”, not “LOOSING”. Please someone use the money to teach this person to read, at least…

  6. Flo says:

    Does anyone know if they were able to vote for all of the top schools at once, with one click?

    • Jenime says:

      I was not Flo, through Easy Cash, they were individual links on that one page. I was paid .21 cents this morning for my vote on one of the schools as a test.

  7. StewartCT says:

    Can anyone tell me where we are sending the concerns to chase… I have a few of my own.


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  10. Marty says:

    I’m going to post this on every page of this blog:

    A friend of mine sent me the link to this blog and I’ve been reading this all since this morning. At first I was appalled at what I was reading. However – as my mother taught me- don’t ever pass judgment on ANYONE unless you get both sides of the story. Now, I’ll start by saying, I hate banks, particularly Chase.

    First of all, your charity just won over $60,000. For free. No strings attached. Money. In your pocket that you most likely would have never received. This you can thank Chase for.

    Secondly, after reading the rules for this contest, I didn’t see anywhere that said you can’t offer incentives. Also, on this note, I don’t see any evidence that these charities offered these anytime past May, 19, which leads me to believe the problem was nipped.

    I find it pretty sad and disturbing that people would try so hard to get a fellow CHARITY disqualified for obvious bias opinions on “who’s charity is more meaningful”. Shame on everyone participating on this blog. I can’t believe I’m actually siding with a bank here, but this I find a little ridiculous.

    It seems to me that if you spent half of the effort you have de-crediting a program that is DONATING money on rallying voters, you may have had better luck winning more FREE money.

    Also, I think you should probably think twice about messing around with someone’s logo. My guess is that it’s trademarked.

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