Cheating in Chase Community Giving

This is Part I. Here are Part IIPart III, and Part IV. There’s a The End? post too.

One hundred and fifty of my friends have voted for the Whittemore Peterson Institute in the Chase Community Giving contest, and I really appreciate their help. Unfortunately, as of this morning, WPI has now been pushed down into ninth place. Two Hebrew academies came out of absolutely nowhere last night. Yesterday evening, the Sonia & Max Silverstein Academy jumped from fifth to fourth place, and this morning it’s in second. The Southern Connecticut Hebrew Academy also jumped ahead of us, into eighth place. It took many thousands of votes out of proportion of the previous voting patterns to make this happen.

The Sonia & Max Silverstein Academy’s “Big Idea” project is building a gym for their school. An ME/CFS friend and I were wondering at this – could a single school really be garnering more votes than our entire illness community? I started looking at the Silverstein Academy page. In the comments section, I found two comments referencing something interesting:

Arah White 4:46 pm
do we get our gold points already? Thank you. nice group

Aviel Dahan 4:41 pm
damn i havent got my gold points in weeworld wth…

Once I found those two, I decided I needed to read more of the comments section. As I continued to page through it, I realized that the comments they were receiving were very different than those on the other charitites’ pages. On most pages, people are talking about the charities’ work and their personal connection to it. On the Sonia & Max Silverstein Hebrew Academy page, many were just the single word “vote,” or some minor permutation of that.

This started me doing a few Google searches, and I found that there was suspected cheating in last year’s contest. (That story references gibberish names and comments, which I also found in my reading of comments, like Kgtgh Fkghssad, who commented “ftdre.”)

Things got progressively weirder and weirder, the more I read. I noticed a bunch of “stop bullying” comments on the Silverstein Academy page, but that page doesn’t say anything about bullying – their project, as I mentioned, is about building a gym.

Then I just happened to look at the Conejo Jewish Day School page (they’re in thirteenth place), and its “Big Idea” is about bullying…and a bunch of the same people have left the same terse comments both places.

That made me think that the single word “vote” comments must have been what someone was telling these people to do…to leave a comment on the wall so they get their gold points or whatever they’ve been promised.

I started clicking into some of the voters’ profiles, to see if they had a plausible connection to the academy they were voting for. I am doubtful that this person, who appears to live in Cairo, is legitimately voting for Conejo Jewish Day School without outside motivation. The main thing that caught my eye as I scanned her groups is that she’s in four or five groups that reference the game Barn Buddies. They’re practically the only English-language groups she’s in. Could her interest in voting have something to do with getting something for her game, like the gold points above? (When I ran her info page through Google Translate, I discovered that it included a bunch of Islamic religious pages, and several Palestinian pages. Yeah, pretty sure she’s not actually supporting CJDS. Also, what an unusual-looking baby!)

And then we found more incriminating comments:

Penny Williams Yarbrough11:39
Voted and even got paid to do it!!

Jeanie BrownMay 20
i voted all 5 but no swagbucks

Sarah SwaggergirlMay 20
now… gimme meh creds

This morning, I noticed a couple comments to the Sonia & Max Silverstein Academy page with the URL, so I paid it a visit. The website suggests you vote for five Jewish schools and references “anti-bullying.” So that explained to me where the seemingly nonsensical comments about bullying on the Silverstein Academy page were coming from. And all of those schools have many of the single word “vote” or variations in their comment sections.

At that point, I decided to see if I could get more information out of one of the people I’d noticed had voted for at least three of the schools. But how to approach it so she’d tell me the truth? This is what I decided on:

Jocelyn W.
Hi there! Did you get free stuff for Bingo Blitz or something else for voting for that Hebrew academy? I hate to be left out of free stuff. Thanks!

Karen Elizabeth Turner
Free facebook credits for 21 questions

So there you have it. I haven’t been able to find exactly where the rubber meets the road in terms of getting these people their payoff for voting, but I conclude that they are being compensated in some way.

This makes me absolutely sick – sicker than I already am! So many people with ME/CFS, including the bedridden, like me, have been working so hard on this project this week, devoting large amounts of our precious and scant energy to trying to help WPI, which has linked our illness to the third known human retrovirus, XMRV. And we’ve been pushed from seventh down to ninth place by cheaters. Is donating a half-million dollars to one school so they can build a gym a better use of that money than searching for answers pertaining to a retrovirus carried by up to 7% of the population, a retrovirus that is undoubtedly in the blood supply and that has already sickened a million people? I don’t think so.

I’m sure Chase has some sort of algorithm running that shows them the pattern of when votes were cast. There’s surely something suspicious about these academies running up the rankings at the end like this.

Lastly, I looked up the rules, and the pertinent section reads, “Chase is not responsible for, nor is it required to count, in its sole and absolute discretion, late, lost, misdirected, unlawful or illicit votes…” But is this illicit? I don’t know. The rules say nothing about compensation for votes. Did I report all of those comments? Yes, I did. Will Chase take any notice at all of this cheating? I’m sorry to say that I don’t have high hopes that it will.

So at this point I wonder if the Sonia & Max Silverstein Academy, the Southern Connecticut Hebrew Academy/New Haven Hebrew Day School, Cheder Chabad Monsey, Conejo Jewish Day School, Lubavitch Cheder/Oholei Yosef Yitzchack Lubavitch, and The Lubavitch Academy/Hillel Academy may be cheating in the Chase Community Giving contest.

Edited to add: Chase emailed me back and said they are investigating, and that they take this sort of thing “very seriously.”

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82 Responses to Cheating in Chase Community Giving

  1. Great detective work! I immediately thought the same just by looking at the current results, even though I did not go any further than that. I do hope those schools get disqualified, or if it’s something they haven’t been involved with themselves, at least get the number of votes reduced. Not to get the WPI higher, but because cheating just isn’t nice. Cheating at something like this is very, very un-nice.

    I would suggest leaving out the comment about the certain ugly being… While it can be true, I’d like to see people on “our side” to reflect the fairest spirit possible (which includes nice language), even if others are playing uglily! I’m sure you understand. :->

    • Jocelyn says:

      The ugly baby was meant to be humorous…maybe it didn’t come across. Like not only is she participating in cheating, but she has an ugly baby, too. Humorous bitterness.

  2. Nina says:

    The American India Foundation has also shot up fast within the last couple of hours. Almost all of the votes came from freshly registered accounts with no friends and no pictures and they left the same messages in the comments.

    It makes me sick(er) to think that this past week of overdoing things will have been in vain because of a couple of cheaters with not even a worthy cause.

    • Jocelyn says:

      Yes, the no-friends new accounts thing seems to have been a problem in the 2010 version of this, too. I think this sort of thing is just going to be endemic in any sort of online voting. People are motivated to game the system, and there are few controls. Chase did reply and said they take this seriously…but I’m not sure how much they can actually crack down on it. It’s not like they can require you to have an existing account and friends.

  3. VMargalit says:

    Contact the schools and I’m sure they’ll withdraw from the contest. Though it isn’t illegal, I know no administrator would advocate such behavior on behalf of their school. I went to Jewish day schools (plural) including a competitor school to one of the ones listed- the principals won’t put up with this.

    • Jocelyn says:

      I’ve done that with a few, as I commented to you on fb (I’m telling everyone else who might not have seen that there).

  4. Maxine Middleton says:

    Yes I also noted this morning charities coming out of nowhere & did think something wasn’t right but I have pushed myself to the limit trying to get votes. Your detective work may I say is Super!!!
    I would recommend contacting the schools as above

    • Jocelyn says:

      Thanks, Maxine. I’ve done some of that…may try to do a bit more this afternoon. Now that Chase has replied and said they’re on the case, I’m feeling less like I need to go vigilante-style on these folks.

  5. Jane says:

    Here’s some more quotes from the ChaseGiving rules:

    “whose primary purpose is to advance a religious denomination, expand membership or encourage conversion, or whose programs and services are limited (in an exclusionary way) to serving those of a specific religious denomination or faith while excluding others solely because of their religious beliefs;”

    “participates in the Program, or otherwise conducts itself, in an unsportsmanlike or inappropriate manner;”

    Two of the Jewish charities are running a sweepstake for electronic goodies, if people vote in the contest –
    Mini Camcorder Giveaway
    Posted on 05/19/2011

    Facebook ‘likes’ could earn Southern Connecticut Hebrew Academy in Orange big bucks
    Published: Sunday, May 22, 2011

    The school has distributed cards with information on easy voting and even has a contest going for older students, with a chance to win Apple products as a perk.

    These have to transgress the above rules, surely?

    • Jocelyn says:

      Thanks for that information, Jane. Good legwork turning up that mini camcorder giveaway. The Apple giveaway in the Southern Connecticut story seems slightly less worrisome – still not great, but at least they’re trying to motivate the students and not the voters directly.

    • Jenime says:

      Let’s show Chase how real our voters are by sending in thousands of complaints with these two links after the contest is over!

  6. Charity says:

    This is very sad. My organization is trying to get band kids to vote for us. Our goal is to enable and empower fundraising for scholastic music programs, but Youth Education in the Arts is falling further behind the hebrew schools every minute. This really hurts me to think there is cheating!
    p.s. you can still vote

    • Jocelyn says:

      It’s totally understandable why YEA has so many votes. There are lots of band kids, and they’re well organized! I thought it was neat to see how many people were commenting on YEA’s page with their school’s name.

  7. Jean says:

    It’s got to be somewhere online… this whole exchange for credits/points thing… on some site. We can find it. Has anyone tried asking someone who voted which site/link/who brought them to CCG?

    • Jocelyn says:

      I’m looking for it too, Jean. I emailed back that one woman I mentioned above…haven’t heard from her yet, though. Might try some others if I can manage it. All of this has taken a lot of energy.

  8. Creek says:

    In the name of God, what are they thinking?

  9. Lew says:

    Terrific investigative reporting and considerable effort I’m sure. Thank you. I have great sympathy for exactly the reasons you mention. What is one gym, compared to a medical breakthrough for potentially millions. Shouldn’t “greatest good” come to play in this?

    • Jocelyn says:

      Thanks, Dad. You know I agree, but we have to play the game that’s been defined. It is shameful that very sick people are having to pester their friends and family for research dollars, but here we are.

  10. sam says:

    i am not really following this, but silverstein has been in 4th place since friday.

    happy voting

    • Jocelyn says:

      Thanks, Sam. I would have sworn they were in fifth last night, but I could be mistaken. At any rate, they’ve taken a major jump up to 2nd place, and with most charities’ votes seeming to tail off as the time ticks down, that jump looks a little unusual.

  11. daniel fruch says:


    stop being bitter…if some ppl played smarter. thats life. move on….

    • Jocelyn says:

      It’s not a matter of smarter, daniel. We’re guessing that bribery is against Chase’s rules, which would seem to be indicated by their response that they take this very seriously.

    • Jocelyn says:

      Kudos to them for getting on the news. I saw from the screenshot they put up during that story that two days ago Southern Connecticut Hebrew Academy was in 52nd place, and Conejo Jewish Day School was in 53rd. Quite a leap up the charts!

  12. Helen Watkinson says:

    re the American India Foundation, I reported this to Chase a few minutes ago
    “there are a number of false profiles voting for this entry. Of the 29 people who commented today between 0932 and 0956, only one appears to be real. The remainder have no friends, no email addresses, the 6 that have interests other than Chase just created those interests today, and none have a human profile picture. There are hundreds and hundreds more that I didn’t look at, I only looked at one snippet of time. I do have a spreadsheet of their names if that would be helpful to you.”

    • Jocelyn says:

      Excellent, Helen. I didn’t go any further afield once I discovered that several of these schools had formed an alliance, so I’m glad you thought to check out that charity. That definitely seems to have been an issue in the 2010 contest, from the news stories I found.

    • Phi Unit says:

      The only thing tough to answer from this is that there may have been contest votes paired together with a Facebook signup drive. The empty profiles may be because the person just signed up for Facebook account. It’s hard to differentiate from a fake account and a newly signed up account from a campaign.

      • Helen Watkinson says:

        American India Foundation has been docked some votes and now is at 13th.

      • Jocelyn says:

        This is true. Unless the signup is one of those gibberish names that’ve been popping up. But as Helen said, American India Foundation does seem to have taken a hit.

  13. I am disgusted by this. I have worked my skinny a** off for the past week. Sharing the Chase link, making flyers, contacting friends, walking the street telling people about voting for Wildlife Center of Virginia. They are deserving. I’m sorry, but a Hebrew Kindergarten-pre-school doesn’t need a gym. Wildlife needs a lot more than these little kids. My husband grew up in a town in New Jersey that was over half Jewish and he said that they only went to the Hebrew schools to learn Hebrew so they could have their bar-mitzvah and then they never went back. I think they violate the rule about not promoting a particular religion. And the fact that they are “bribing” people to vote with gifts they will get for voting in just WRONG.

    • Helen Watkinson says:

      I feel disheartened as well. I have done nothing for a week other than beg for votes and I am so tired. I hope Chase does the right thing.

  14. Sasha says:

    Great detective work, NPGirl! Have you emailed Chase about this? Maybe you could send them a link to your post.

    I agree that offering bribes/prizes is against the rules of the Chase contest (the “sportsmanlike” rule, specifically).

    • Jocelyn says:

      Yep, I’ve sent them all this and then some. Other people started turning over rocks after I did and came up with even more interesting stuff.

  15. Justin Reilly says:

    Thanks so much for looking into this, Jocelyn! I emailed Chase with a link to this post and also pointing out the fact that religious orgs are not eligible. Also let Chase know how great WPI is- this might help in the discretionary cash awards. I hope everyone emails or messages Chase!

    • Jocelyn says:

      Thanks, Justin. I emailed them everything here, but it couldn’t hurt for them to know there are more eyes on them to figure this whole thing out.

  16. Justin Reilly says:

    Helen41 on PR has identified fishy votes going to American India Foundation. I have emailed Chase re this and urge you to as well:

    ‘This was my message to Chase re the American India Foundation “there are a number of false profiles voting for this entry. Of the 29 people who commented today between 0932 and 0956, only one appears to be real. The remainder have no friends, no email addresses, the 6 that have interests other than Chase just created those interests today, and none have a human profile picture. There are hundreds and hundreds more that I didn’t look at, I only looked at one snippet of time. I do have a spreadsheet of their names if that would be helpful to you.”‘

    • Jocelyn says:

      Yeah, Chase dumped a bunch of their votes today and they dropped down a couple places. I didn’t note from where to where.

  17. Justin Reilly says:

    I just checked the leaderboard and S. Conn. Hebrew Academy, Conejo Jewish Day School and Hillel Academy all have gotten between 900 and 1000 votes each in the last 3 hours. Definitely some more fishy activity.

  18. Justin Reilly says:

    You can message CCG by clicking on ‘report/contact this app’ on the CCG facebook page:
    look on the lower left corner of the page; click the second option from the left: ‘report/contact this app’

    or emailing Chase:

  19. Jenime says:

    Thanks Justin, just sent an email to chase through the LB

  20. Jenime says:

    Do you mean the wayback machine?

  21. CFS Facts says:

    Good detective work, ladies! May the best charity win … and the cheaters be permanently banned.

  22. I hope I don’t come off as an antisemite or anything, but the fact that Chase is a bank and there are certain stereotypes got me Googling. And everyone can Google Chase Bank Jewish (Google actually autocompleted that for me) and draw their own conclusions.

    I’m not saying that Chase is playing a dirty game, or that being Jewish has anything to do with this. Perhaps these organizations will be disqualified in the end.


    • Jenime says:

      Yeah, that’s ridiculously anti-Semitic. Chase is an International organization, they don’t have loyalties to anyone! Quit looking at links that tell you otherwise. You can find a lot of stuff on how the banks are controlled by Reptilian Aliens if you want to believe crazy stuff.

      If you’re seeing people mention the Protocols of Zion, a FRAUD/FAKE document on a “jewish cabal taking over the world”, you need to read Will Eisner’s The Plot. Its a graphic novel account of the LIE that led to the Holocaust. Don’t spread hate, educate.

  23. sam says:

    your title is wrong and misleading.

    Where in the official rules does it say, one is not allowed to offer incentives ??!?!!?

    I would chnge the heading of this article to – POOR LOOSERS CANT HANDLE LOOSING

  24. Nina says:

    Sam how needy is an organization that can offer camcorders and Ipads to those who vote for them? We are desperately trying to get money ofr severely ill children and adults, many of them too ill to use a computer and many impoverished by years of illness and government neglect.

    If you think winning like this is morally ok, have fun with the money. But don’t come on here and insult desperate people in need.

  25. sam says:


    i am not insulting, just stating the facts.

    if u want to say they dont need the money, thats fine.

    but dont call them cheaters if they didnt break any rules.

    • Jenime says:

      They paid me for the vote Sam. Got the screenshots to prove it. Don’t worry, we’re making sure everyone has THE PROOF, so they can’t deny it. .21 cents, was that really worth dignity? Are the people who are sick and honestly trying to get help worth LESS than .21 cents? Time to get real.

  26. Hanna says:


    They cheated by entering the contest under false pretences.

    “whose primary purpose is to advance a religious denomination, expand membership or encourage conversion, or whose programs and services are limited (in an exclusionary way) to serving those of a specific religious denomination or faith while excluding others solely because of their religious beliefs;”

    Chassidic academies and day schools do not serve anyone in the broader community – not even the broader Jewish community save “outreach” to less observant Jews (the only proselytizing done in the community) which is also against the rules of Chase.

    I don’t know how many ways you can be ineligible for a contest and still come away with considerable prizes? I would think the participants would be well able to understand this and would have known it going in. Surely that deliberate flouting of The Chase rules must be addressed. Otherwise, your contest is meaningless and, maybe, illegal.

    Please clean out, Chase!

    Thank your excellent work, Nopostergirl!

  27. sam says:

    Once again, i repeat – please show me, where in the rules it states that offering incentives are not permitted.

    All i am saying is, lets be a little objective about it

    • Jenime says:

      So you’re officially okay with InvisionCA paying me to vote? I’d like to see that in writing please.

    • Jack says:

      “Chase is not responsible for, nor is it required to count, in its sole and absolute discretion, late, lost, misdirected, unlawful or illicit votes, votes cast for Charities later determined to be ineligible, votes achieved through automated means, by registering more than one user profile, using another Participant’s e-mail account and name, as well as those that are achieved through other fraudulent means, unsportsmanlike conduct or in a manner otherwise inconsistent with these Official Rules. ”

      It’s subjective, and obviously up to the discretion of Chase, but I’d argue that offering incentives for votes comes under unsportsmanlike conduct. Take Hillel Academy as en example, people were voting for them simply because they wanted to win a camcorder. Totally against the spirit of the event. Allow it to continue and the next winners could be those offering the most attractive ‘incentives’.

  28. Hanna says:

    I meant to write: Please clean house, Chase. Not: “Please clean out, Chase.”

    This is a relatively new undertaking, this way of giving. I’m sure it will take tine to work out the bugs. Their (Chase) leader board now includes a number of organizations not eligible. It is an easy matter to remove them.

  29. Jean says:

    As a Jew, I am deeply embarrassed by the way some in our community have acted in this situation. What is the point of teaching Torah if we do not practice it and model it ourselves?

    To be clear, there are so many Jewish laws on business ethics and fair dealings with ourselves and our neighbors. There is the concept of geneyvat da’at – or “stealing a persons mind” and relates to false packaging and false labeling. There is the commandment regarding accurate weights and measures, in Leviticus 19:35-36. And, there is the commandment not to deceive your neighbor in Leviticus 25:14 which states, “When you sell anything to your neighbor, or buy anything from your neighbor, you shall not deceive one another.”

    I hope those who were engaged in buying votes under deceptive practices will reflect on how their behavior has hurt everyone… both in the Jewish community and beyond. And, I hope they will take the appropriate steps to make Teshuvah, between man and man… remembering that the gate of tears (to Heaven) is still open.

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  32. Debi says:

    The winner of the contest received more than 1/3 of their votes between 6PM and midnight the last day of the comment.
    On the 6PM report Chase had the winning group with a little over 17K votes. (I am not sure of the winning organizations name right off the top of my head). Between the 6PM vote and the final tally the winner got 10K more votes. Something is amiss in this contest.
    I know YEA, DCI, and MENC did not promise anything for a vote. And even though these 3 organizations were in the top 10 for round 1 only 2 of them made it in the top 25 this time. The Hebrew group and winning group were not anywhere on the radar until this sudden burst of votes the last 2 days. I am upset with the thought of cheating, especially if the cheating is coming from a religious group. And how was a religious group even allowed in the contest in the first place?

  33. Kirsten says:

    Just a few ideas on how/where these non-profits are buying the votes:

    Businesses can “buy” consumer activity with Swagbucks
    Incentivized “likes” campaigns
    TapJoy has apps with “offerwalls” where users can get virtual rewards for certain activities. I know TapJoy specializes in app downloads, but I imagine one could purchase a vote as well:

  34. Marty says:

    I’m going to post this on every page of this blog:

    A friend of mine sent me the link to this blog and I’ve been reading this all since this morning. At first I was appalled at what I was reading. However – as my mother taught me- don’t ever pass judgment on ANYONE unless you get both sides of the story. Now, I’ll start by saying, I hate banks, particularly Chase.

    First of all, your charity just won over $60,000. For free. No strings attached. Money. In your pocket that you most likely would have never received. This you can thank Chase for.

    Secondly, after reading the rules for this contest, I didn’t see anywhere that said you can’t offer incentives. Also, on this note, I don’t see any evidence that these charities offered these anytime past May, 19, which leads me to believe the problem was nipped.

    I find it pretty sad and disturbing that people would try so hard to get a fellow CHARITY disqualified for obvious bias opinions on “who’s charity is more meaningful”. Shame on everyone participating on this blog. I can’t believe I’m actually siding with a bank here, but this I find a little ridiculous.

    It seems to me that if you spent half of the effort you have de-crediting a program that is DONATING money on rallying voters, you may have had better luck winning more FREE money.

    Also, I think you should probably think twice about messing around with someone’s logo. My guess is that it’s trademarked.

  35. Jenime says:

    Marty, they Paid Me for my vote on the last night of the contest in the final hours! How shameless of you to turn a blind eye to this. Don’t let pride blind you from the truth.

  36. Leauriy says:

    Wow, great investigative work! The parents of Ridgeline worked hard at garnering votes by networking the good old fashion way and using our local media.
    I just wish you hadn’t thrown in the “joke”. Derogatory remarks are never really that funny and only serve to add to the tension and stir up more of the same unfairness and “ugly-ness” that you have worked so hard to uncover.

  37. nmj says:

    Hello, Jocelyn, This is all very interesting – and demoralising! I also voted for WPI and put precious energy into getting others to do so. However, I agree with Maija, the comment about the baby is inappropriate, it does nothing to help your enquiries. It’s never a good idea to make these kind of things personal, and the poor baby is, after all, totally innocent in whatever may have gone on. Black humour is fine, but not in this context.

    • Jocelyn says:

      Okay, everybody, I will make no more jokes about ugly babies in this series of posts. It was intended to be a bitter/funny aside, but it obviously didn’t come across that way. Must be b/c there’s no emoticon for acerbic.

      I happen to think babies are inherently funny-looking, and found this one especially so. But I seem to be wired “wrong”…I have never had any desire for children.

      And it doesn’t mean the baby will grow up to be ugly. All of us have our moment in life when we’re most beautiful and another moment when we’re our most ugly. That baby will probably grow up to be a true beauty. It’s just the way of the world.

      But all of this wouldn’t have fit into the original post.

      And I’m not going to delete the remark, because there’s already been so much comment about it that it’d make all these comments not make sense.

  38. nmj says:

    Going back to the issue of ‘exploiting’ rules to get your charity to the top, I am quite horrified this happened. I did notice that some Hebrew schools were at top and WPI had slid back but never at all questioned this as anything than a genuine last minute surge. How naive of me. And I don’t see at all why WPI should be penalised if peope complain directly to Chase. I would honestly be very reluctant to vote in a fundraiser like this again and feel duped.

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  40. Heather says:

    After looking over the Chase Rules it seems to me that giving a few cents out as an incentive was not against the rules…. the best we can do is put it under “no sportsmanship” but that is up to debate. What a vague rule! What one person will say is ” no sportsmanship” another one will say is “smart marketing”
    I’ve been reading the blog but what I see is what usually happens in life….some people win and some ppl dont…the ppl who don’t will do what they can to discredit the ones who won. It’s part of life I tell u!
    I’m hoping Chase will use their additional money and give it to your charity to help find a cure for the many who are sick, Best wishes!

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